How to Style a HOBO Fringe bag.  

It’s impossible to achieve a bohemian vibe in your wardrobe without a truly standout purse. Today, as we listen to Fleetwood Mac, we will showcase a couple of our favorite ways to pair a HOBO fringe bag. Be sure to check out hobo fringe shop for bags featured in today’s post. Of course, we give you this article, just in the nick of time, as spring summer 2017 runway inspirations are hitting shops and bohemian trends are hotter than Selena Gomez and The Weekend at Met Gala. Not to worry that beautiful face, we got that fringe with benefits style tips flowing quite effortlessly.

To get in the mood, immerse the mind in the free spirit vibe. Get lost and commit to living in the moment. Maybe also schedule a nice road trip with friends over the weekend to a very cool mid-century modern hotel where you can flaunt your fabulous looks.

But first, before we get too carried away, let’s dial in the OOTD.

When you build any outfit, you’ll want to pick a hero piece. In this case, create your attire around your new effortlessly chic, white fringe Meadow Crossbody bag. We picked metallic silver shoes, a matching belt, and in real bohemian fashion, we followed our passionate love affair with a 70’s whimsical florals and found a vintage looking baby blue dress. To bring the entire look together, we paired a lace white cardigan which made for a nice juxtaposition with our HOBO crossbody bag. You are now ready for your road trip.

The perfect bohemian outfit always comprises of lovely layers.

This statement brings us to our next look paired with a brown HOBO Wilder Fringe crossbody. We paired the outfit with an army green silk vest, both stunning flowing in the breeze while you’re on the go. This look is a street style chic dream mix of minimal muted neutral tones and tomboy yet feminine nuances. With the loafers, it makes for an excellent office look during the day, but it also works for a fun night out in the city. An otherwise simple jean and a white ruffled collared top paired upgraded with this great brown fringe bag; it makes any outfit a breath of fresh air.

We could pair these bags with anything a million different ways for every day, but these are the favorites for now. Don’t forget to check out the site for other awesome fringe options at The HoBo fringe shop. Also, stayed tuned for the HOBO bag giveaway later this week on Catcher in the Style’s Instagram. We will be a giveaway a Meadow Crossbody. Details will be on Instagram.