Health: Is that Big Fashionable Bag a Wrecking Ball for your Back?

Photo:  Jacob Crumbley

Bag by: Tory Burch

Who doesn’t love a massive beautiful bag for all to envy? We all do but, with the average purse weighing in at 5 lbs. and carrying everything from the kitchen sink, to all the make-up at Sephora, its a wonder why more women don’t just say good bye to the heavy painful bags. Like it or not, that thought is totally unrealistic for many.

The truth is our heavy big bags are wrecking our backs in a serious way. The best thing to save your back is start with a smaller bag. If you like carrying the big bag, just remember you really don’t need to carry all those things with you. Here are some tips to help.

Switch up the bags you use– Don’t always carry that large bag out.

Plan better- Think about your day before you leave the house and decide what actually need, you may not need the tape measure.

Stay organized- Go through your paper work at home, so you don’t need to carry it around. Simplify for the New Year.

Less hardware- If you get a bag with less metal hardware, it may make for a lighter carry.

Hope you some of these suggestions will help you stay healthy for the New Year!


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