Good Eats! Perfect Sunday Brunch Spot: Griddle Cafe Los Angeles

the griddle cafe thania peckIf you are looking for a new perfect Sunday breakfast/brunch/lunch spot, look no further. The Griddle Cafe, located in Los Angeles, is about to blow your mind like it did mine. After hearing so much about the place, my friends and I decided to see what the hype was about. Upon entering the Griddle Cafe, you will find about a 30 min wait time, so plan accordingly if you’re really hungry.

The Griddle Cafe is famous for their pancakes, waffles and Vermont maple syrup. We had the pleasure of sharing a few things on the menu. We paired our delicious french press coffee with the red velvet pancakes, Oreo cookie pancakes, and succulent french toast. The Griddle Cafe will be opening up in the SLS Vegas at the end of the month, so now, you will be able to appreciate the delicious food when you are having one of those crazy Vegas times.

The Griddles coffee is made by p wizards at

Here’s the site