Good Eats: Check out My Quick and Easy Healthy On The Go Snack with StarKist Tuna and Flatout Bread

Living our busy lives, when do we ever have time to eat healthy? Well, I found an easy healthy alternative to fast food and bad snacks. I use Flatout bread for my wrap and these 70 calorie StarKist Tuna pack for on the go. I add my favorite spices, some coconut oil and cheese. Super delish. You can have it hot or cold.  Some of the benefits of protein at lunch can keep you fuller, longer and will help stave off PM snacking. While I was shooting in the desert last weekend, we took a cooler with the StarKist and Flatout bread and were able to make some quick yummy wraps to hold us over. hudson jeans flatout bread thania peck catcher in the style Starkist and flatout bread Thania Peck Catcher in the Style flatout bread Starkist Tuna Thania Peck catcher in the style There are a few different flavors in the wraps. I really love the Italian herb, and the spicier ones are also really great for pizzas. For my wrap you will need.

I take the Starkist Tuna put it in a bowl. Drizzle a couple of table spoons of Coconut oil and Braggs Liquid Aminos together. I mix it all in with a dash of curry powder, cumin powder, and Lemon Pepper. If you are looking for spice add some Sriracha. My usual cheese of choice is Gouda. You can heat this wrap up or eat it cold (cold is so nice in hot weather).  So, if you need a healthy snack at work or whatever you have going on this would be my choice. I also love the  Hungry Girl Fold It  it’s perfect for tuna melts!

20140604-222447-80687911.jpg flatout bread Starkist Tuna Thania Peck catcher in the style _robbiesell-20140601_slab_city_016

Instead of the fast food I had my snack 🙂

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