Roaming around your city as you listen to The Clash blaring loud in your headphones with the blinding winter sun melting away any tension. One foot at a time you take over the world. Your style makes you feel unstoppable as you enjoy another breath each moment, magic. Creating that feeling with each look is paramount. Building an outfit from the bottom up isn’t easy, but thankfully, Farfetch has some of the absolute best in shoe trends this season to make any outfit shine.

Firstly, to achieve the perfect stroll in the park, you will need to complete the ensemble with some good sneakers. Every outfit needs an excellent foundation, and this punk rock inspired gem by Golden Goose deluxe from will make not only heads turn, but give life to an otherwise basic outfit. These black leather thick sole silver studded treasures can be juxtaposed with a simple chic shirt dress or dressed down for a more casual Friday vibe with Jeans and a white t-shirt. You won’t have to contemplate ‘if you should stay or go you’ll have London calling in no time’ and roaming the world with no rules of engagement. Sneaker culture is here to stay, and these are not only comfortable they look super cool. These kicks are from the new collection and unique from the other styles in the past to present. They don’t have stars or distressed textures which golden goose is famously known for having. The same comfort just slightly different take on a black sneaker. Golden Goose is synonymous with luxury, and the sturdy Italian craftsmanship.

Golden goose farfetched

Catcher in the Style x farfetched

Farfetched golden goose