Victoria Beckham's bunions

Victoria Beckham’s bunions


Truth behind those hot to trot heels. We all look at these shoes in ahhhh! Stars in our eyes….. “The most beautiful women in the world” wear them. The shoes are very expensive and glamorous. If only we could get our hands on them……. Think again ladies!

Any of these gorgeous heels worn over a long period of time will cause lower back problems, knee issues and worst of all painful bunions (plantar fasciitis). The bones in the feet start growing wrong. Fashion coming at a price. Sometimes these issues need surgery.  My best recommendation is, treat heels like chocolate. They are amazing, but don’t need to be consumed on a daily. Take care of your feet. Bring flats in a bag to save your cute toes from turning into monsters.image

Fortunately for me, I don’t have to worry about those issues. I have had a few ankle injuries from skateboarding. I can’t even wear really high heels. Tomboy life style saves the feet…..KINDA hahaaa!