Beauty: Say Peace to Face and Body Wash with Mircobeads due to Pollution


I’ve always been a big supporter of exfoliating the face and body. I bought the products with the ‘Microbeads’. I just liked the feeling of my skin after a nice exfoliating shower. This week, I learned the little mircobeads are actually pieces of plastic that are ending up in our water ways. Our fish we eat are eating these plastic particles. Some, are the size of a fingernail and its causing the fish to die in some cases.

Come to find out now, states are banning products with microbeads, New York State being one of the first. Researchers have found the debris in the Great Lakes and well as the Los Angeles River. L’Oreal is said to phase out this mircoplastic by 2015 as well as the Body Shop and Johnson & Johnson. Proctor & Gamble has stated their phase out will be by 2017.

Great work to the Lobbyist and the researchers from The 5 Gyres Institute, for making the environment a better place. The 5 Gyres Institute  has a free iphone app you can scan products to make sure they don’t contain the mirco plactics.

You don’t need to totally lose your cool over the end of microbeads, Burt’s Bee’s and St.Ives use environmental friendly natural products in their exfoliates.

If you have time to make your own exfoliates go to this Catcher in the Style article and have a blast making your own all natural stuff.

peace to Mircobeads in face cleansers and body wash

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