Have you ever been in a music festival and realize you forgot certain key items? Well, thanks to Amazon Lockers at Cochella you never have to worry. What a great time to be alive! If you order items before noon you can receive them the same day! I walked up to the machine put in my code and boom as easy as that my locker opened and I got my breath mints!! I’m in shock at how easy it was to shop!

For all of you going out to weekend two shop the Amazon store front at amazon.com/coachella is now open! Humm, what am I going to buy for weekend two? I saw they have sunscreen, earplugs, eyewear, fashion/ beauty items, snacks, blankets, water bottles, mini fans and so many more fun items. Maybe I’ll buy some bug repellant and vitamins or a camera. See you all weekend two for some fun dancing!!